Car share policy was adopted by Council in March 2016.

1.0 Overview

Car sharing is succeeding in many cities around the world in lowering the number of vehicles per household as well as reducing private vehicle volumes and vehicle (local NO2, PM10 etc and greenhouse gas) emissions. Research has shown that households with low car ownership are more likely to rely on Public Transport (PT) and active modes for day-to-day mobility. The Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan encourages people to use a wider range of travel options including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. In order for a car sharing scheme to be effective it is acknowledged that vehicles must be located throughout the city, readily accessible to users. To realise all potential benefits from publically available car sharing, it is important that the Council has clear and supportive policy direction for car share organisations to operate throughout Christchurch.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity regarding matters relating to the use of all roads and land under the care, control and management of the Council in relation to car sharing operations. This policy aims to set high-level direction to clarify car sharing within the Christchurch context and create an attractive and workable environment for car sharing organisations to operate.

3.0 Policy statement

3.1 That the Council adopts the position that car sharing should be encouraged throughout Christchurch as a complement to public and active modes of transportation.

3.2 Where an area has been identified as an ideal location for car sharing, and there are no suitable off street spaces to park a car share vehicle, the Council may allow car share vehicles to be parked on Council property and on city streets.

3.3 Council may enter into agreements with car sharing organisations for the use of Council controlled parking spaces, provided they meet and abide with Council requirements for an approved scheme.

3.4 An approved car sharing scheme should be viewed as an integral part of a broader transport ecosystem much the same as taxis and shuttles and not unreasonably restrict access to members of the public.

3.5 Where car sharing vehicles are accessed from council land and city streets they should not be considered a commercial activity under the Trading and Events in Public Places Policy 2018.

3.6 Any approved car share operator wishing to locate vehicles on any council controlled land, road or street must apply to council with a detailed proposal outlining specific parking location requests or operational zones.

3.7 Permission may be granted by Council provided the proposal is not inconsistent with other Council planning and policy documents.

4.0 Definitions

Car sharing can exist in a number of different business and operational models. Council will exercise discretion in determining an approved scheme based on the following criteria guidelines.

4.1 An approved scheme should have a defined and straightforward membership process allowing members ongoing access to the organisation's vehicles.

4.2 Having on-demand readily accessible vehicles available at all hours of the day, seven days a week through a formalized booking system (e.g. access cards, online, mobile etc.)

4.3 Simple and easy to understand rates for vehicle use that include fuel/energy, maintenance and insurance for the user.
4.4 The scheme should have multiple vehicles comprising a fleet that can be accessed by any member at convenient and accessible locations.

4.5 The vehicles must belong to, or be affiliated with organisation such as a Limited Company, Incorporated Society, co-operative, body corporate etc.

4.6 The operator's fleet of vehicles must clearly be identified as belonging to an approved car sharing organisation and vehicles be regularly maintained to an acceptable standard (e.g. current Certificate of Fitness (CoF) or warrant of fitness (WoF).

5.0 Spaces reserved for car share vehicles

The Council may, by resolution, set aside any road, or part of any road, or any other area controlled by the Council, restricted parking or stopping or standing restrictions. The spaces may be designated for a specified class or description of vehicle (for example a car sharing vehicle) or for a specified activity (for example car sharing).

6.0 Care share scheme without designated parking spaces 

The Council may consider allowing car share organisations to locate car share vehicles on council controlled land or streets without fixed points of departure. 

6.1 Decisions to approve and endorse a scheme of this nature will be dealt with on a case by case basis and subject to approval from Council. 

6.2 Approval will be subject to an agreement entered into with the approved operator and subject to conditions specific conditions outlined within the agreement.