Council, 1 November 2023.

The Council’s Cruising and Prohibited Times on Roads Bylaw 2023 (the bylaw) enables the Council to specify roads where nighttime vehicle access is limited to reduce the potential for antisocial road user (ASRU) activities.

Decisions to regulate roads under the bylaw are listed in the Prohibited Times on Roads Register [PDF, 198 KB] (the register).

This operational policy supports the process to add, amend or remove roads from the register. It should be read in conjunction with the bylaw.

This operational policy sets out the framework for assessing and progressing requests or recommendations for roads to be added, amended or removed from the register.

It provides guidance for the community, Council staff, Community Boards and Council on this process.

View the Prohibited Times on Roads Operational Policy 2023 [PDF, 110 KB]