Our ongoing aim is to deliver an excellent level of service to all customers, whether internal or external.

  • We are accessible
  • Our processes are straightforward and transparent
  • We provide accurate and consistent information
  • We understand our customers, their needs and the services we provide to them
  • We are efficient
  • Wherever possible, we aim to resolve customer enquiries at the first point of contact.

Our commitment to customers

  • We are open and honest
  • We are polite and deal with customers in a professional manner
  • We show empathy and respect towards our customers
  • We take personal ownership
  • We are proactive wherever possible
  • We keep our promises to customers
  • We accept responsibility when we get things wrong and we learn from our mistakes
  • We welcome feedback from our customers as part of our focus on continuous improvement.

Customer service standards

The following standards indicate the minimum level of service we want to give to our customers. We will apply the same standards to all customers, whether internal or external.


  • We will ensure that our telephone is answered as quickly as possible
  • We will give our name to callers
  • If we have to transfer a call, we will aim to do this only once
  • We will provide a translation service if required. 


  • We will return all voicemail messages within 1 working day
  • If we are out of the office for more than 1 working day, our voicemail message will confirm when we will return, and will provide an alternative point of contact.

 Letter, email, fax

  • We will provide a full response to enquiries within 10 working days of receipt, or within the relevant statutory timescale if appropriate
  • Where that is not possible, as a minimum we will acknowledge the enquiry within 5 working days of receipt, and inform the customer of the steps we are taking to provide a more detailed response, along with the timescales involved. 

In person

  • We will deal with customers promptly
  • If there is any delay, we will advise customers of the approximate waiting time, and if more convenient, arrange an appointment with an appropriate officer
  • When we have an appointment we are responsible for meeting and greeting our customer.