Christchurch City Three Year Plan 2013-16

After the earthquakes the Government agreed to delay Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan until 2015 until a cost-sharing agreement for the recovery was worked out. The Council operated under the Three Year Plan 2013/16 until the Long Term Plan 2015/25 was adopted. 

Volume 1

Three Year Plan 2013-16 Volume 1 of 2 [PDF 5.76MB] 
Table of Contents & Introduction [PDF 63KB]
We have listened [PDF 205KB]
Christchurch Recovery and Rebuild Issues and Challenges [PDF 314KB]
How We Pay for Services [PDF 232KB]
Your Council [PDF 645KB]
Community Outcomes [PDF 239KB]
Development of Māori Capacity to Contribute to Council Decision-Making Processes [PDF 365B]
Financial Strategy [PDF 362KB]
Financial Overview [PDF 170KB]

Volume 2

Three Year Plan 2013-16 Volume 2 of 2 [PDF 6.81MB]
Table of Contents [PDF 28KB]
Assessments of Various Services [PDF 254KB]
Funding Impact Statement and Rating Policies [PDF 428KB]
Financial Policies [PDF 3.15MB] (includes Development Contributions Policy [PDF 2.83MB])
Reserves and Trust Funds [PDF 287KB]
Council Fees and Charges [PDF 732KB]
Policy on Significance [PDF 430KB]
Council Controlled Organisations [PDF 591KB]
Capital Endowment Fund [PDF 426KB]

Council Activities and Services

Activity Management Plans 2013-22

This information is provided for the Mayor, Councillors and Council staff, and contains links to Activity Management Plans discussed with and agreed upon by the Long Term Plan Committee, as part of preparing the draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan (formerly the Long Term Plan 2013-22).

 Area  Activity
City Planning and Development City and Community Long-Term Policy and Planning [PDF 75KB]
District Planning [PDF 31KB]
Heritage Protection [PDF 35KB]
Community Support Civil Defence Emergency Management [PDF 57KB]
Community Facilities [PDF 32KB]
Social Housing [PDF 40KB]
Build Stronger Communities [PDF 119KB]
Community Grants [PDF 34KB]
Customer Services [PDF 41KB]
Cultural and Learning Services Art Gallery and Museums [PDF 86KB]
Libraries [PDF 67KB]
Transport and Environmental Education [PDF 42KB]
Democracy and Governance City Governance and Decision-making [PDF 27KB]
Public Participation in Democratic Processes [PDF 83KB]
Economic Development Christchurch Economic Development Leadership and Coordination [PDF 84KB]
City Promotions [PDF 25KB]
Civic and International Relations [PDF 36KB]
Parks and Open Spaces Neighbourhood Parks [PDF 69KB]
Sports Parks [PDF 71KB]
Garden and Heritage Parks [PDF 86KB]
Cemeteries [PDF 69KB]
Regional Parks [PDF 87KB]
Rural Fire Management [PDF 37KB]
Harbours and Marine Structures [PDF 28KB]
Stormwater Drainage & Flood Protection and Control Works Stormwater Drainage [PDF 61KB]
Flood Protection and Control Works [PDF 23KB]
Recreation and Leisure Events and Festivals [PDF 42KB]
Recreation and Sports Services [PDF 60KB]
Refuse Minimisation and Disposal Recyclable Materials Collection and Processing [PDF 24KB]
Organic Material Collection and Composting [PDF 26KB]
Residual Waste Collection and Disposal [PDF 30KB]
Commercial and Industrial Waste Minimisation [PDF 18KB]
Regulatory Services Licencing and Enforcement [PDF 68KB]
Building Consenting and Inspections [PDF 23KB]
Resource Consenting [PDF 37KB]
Building Policy [PDF 26KB]
Land and Property Information Services [PDF 21KB]
Provision of Roads and Footpaths Road Network [PDF 73KB]
Active Travel [PDF 33KB]
Parking [PDF 24KB]
Public Transport Infrastructure [PDF 27KB]
Sewerage and the Treatment and Disposal of Sewage Wastewater Collection [PDF 31KB]
Wastewater Treatment and Disposal [PDF 27KB]
Water Supply Water Conservation [PDF 25KB]
Water Supply [PDF 43KB]
Internal Services Human Resources [PDF 38KB]
Performance Management and Reporting [PDF 34KB]
Information Management and Communications Technology [PDF 52KB]
Corporate Support [PDF 58KB]
Legal Services [PDF 15KB]
Public Affairs Internal Services [PDF 44KB]
Manage Capital Programme [PDF 43KB]
Asset and Network Planning [PDF 34KB]
City Environment Business Administration and Business Improvement [PDF 18KB]
Regulation and Democracy Services Customer and Business Support [PDF 30KB]
Venue Management (Vbase)(external link) [PDF 39KB]