Thanks for having a say in our city’s future. We received over 1500 submissions on the draft LTP, and heard in person from more than 300 of these people and groups, as well as our Community Boards.

Top ten topics for feedback

  1. Rates proposal
  2. Funding proposal for ChristchurchNZ
  3. Stormwater
  4. Community facilities
  5. Cycleways
  6. Transport priorities
  7. Central City Landmark Grant Fund
  8. Fuel tax
  9. Drinking water
  10. Balance and priorities.

 These are some of your comments

“I think getting the horizontal infrastructure prioritised is exactly the right thing to do, but slow down other things so rates aren’t increased again.”

“Your priorities should be roads, wastewater and infrastructure, stick to the basics.”

“Stadium and public pools need prioritising. We need to attract big events or we will fade away.”

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