These documents contain full details of Council activities and services.

Area Activity Management Plans

Arts and Culture

Art Gallery [PDF, 247 KB] 
Libraries [PDF, 363 KB] 
Museums [PDF, 140 KB]

Community Services

Civil Defence and Emergency Management [PDF, 167 KB]
Community Facilities [PDF, 463 KB] 
Community Grants [PDF, 258 KB]
Customer Services and Online Channels [PDF, 131 KB]
Events and Festivals [PDF, 169 KB]

From 1 July 2017 all fire emergency response will be managed by Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). This means the levels of service from the Amended Long Term Plan 2016–25 no longer sit with Council. Council will continue to support FENZ by providing staff and equipment for rural firefighting activities.

Economic Development

City Promotions  [PDF, 138 KB]
Civic and International Relations  [PDF, 196 KB]
Venue Management – Vbase [PDF, 136 KB]
Coordination and Leadership [PDF, 673 KB]
Flood Protection Flood Protection [PDF, 276 KB]
Heritage Protection Heritage Protection [PDF, 175 KB]
Housing Housing [PDF, 2 MB]
Natural Environment Environmental Education [PDF, 262 KB]

Internal Services

Asset Management [PDF, 166 KB] 
Asset Management and Planning – Parks [PDF, 218 KB]
Asset Management and Planning – Three Waters & Waste [PDF, 227 KB] 
Asset Management and Planning – Transport [PDF, 246 KB] 
City Services Project Management Office and Business Administration Support  [PDF, 139 KB]
Customer and Community Business Support [PDF, 109 KB] 
Facilities, Property and Planning [PDF, 131 KB]
Human Resources [PDF, 117 KB]
Information Technology [PDF, 1 MB]
Legal Services [PDF, 224 KB]
Vertical Capital Delivery [PDF, 165 KB]

Parks and Open Spaces Cemeteries [PDF, 164 KB]
Garden and Heritage Parks [PDF, 182 KB]
Neighbourhood Parks [PDF, 153 KB]
Regional Parks [PDF, 142 KB]


Organic Material Collection and Composting [PDF, 467 KB]
Recyclable Materials Collection and Processing [PDF, 398 KB]
Residual Waste Collection and Disposal [PDF, 580 KB]

Regulation and Enforcement

Building Consenting, Inspections and Monitoring [PDF, 131 KB]
Building Control Business Support [PDF, 113 KB]
Building Policy [PDF, 134 KB] 
District Planning [PDF, 138 KB] 
Land and Property Information Services [PDF, 110 KB]
Regulatory Compliance, Licensing and Registration [PDF, 628 KB]
Resource Consenting [PDF, 144 KB]
Roads and Footpaths Roads and Footpaths [PDF, 180 KB]


Wastewater Collection [PDF, 383 KB]
Wastewater Treatment and Disposal [PDF, 341 KB]

Sport and Recreation

Recreation and Sport Facilities [PDF, 228 KB]
Sports Parks [PDF, 163 KB] 
Stormwater Drainage Stormwater Drainage [PDF, 336 KB]
Strategic Governance Public Participation in Community and City Governance and Decision-making [PDF, 292 KB]
 Strategic Management Organisational Risk Assurance and Improvement [PDF, 268 KB]
Performance Management and Reporting [PDF, 297 KB]
 Strategic Planning Strategic Planning and Policy [PDF, 493 KB] 
 Transport Harbours and Marine Structures [PDF, 199 KB]
Major Cycleways [PDF, 199 KB] 
Parking [PDF, 135 KB]
Public Transport Infrastructure [PDF, 135 KB]
Road Operations [PDF, 132 KB]
Transport Education [PDF, 288 KB]
 Water Supply Water Supply (combining water conservation) [PDF, 481 KB]