Annual Plan 2016/17

The Council adopted its Annual Plan 2016-17 on 23 June 2016.

Final annual plan 2016 banner

Annual Plan by chapter

Annual Plan 2016/17 [PDF 2.43MB]
Cover and Contents [PDF 1.4MB]
Financial Overview [PDF 650KB]
Rating Policy [PDF 550KB]
Capital Programme [PDF 590B]
Council Activities and Services [PDF 460KB]
Prospective Financial Statements [PDF 500KB]
Fees and Charges [PDF 700KB]
Reserves and Other Funds [PDF 600KB]

Draft consultation documents

Annual Plan 2016 Consultation Document [PDF 7.5MB]
Financial Strategy [PDF 1MB]
Infrastructure Strategy 2015-45 [PDF 5MB]
Draft Annual Plan 2016-2017 [PDF 2MB]
Proposed Long Term Plan Amendments 2015-2025 [PDF 2.8MB]
Financial Factsheet [PDF 187KB]
Submissions Volume - Public Submissions [PDF 57.2MB]