Annual Plan 2016/17

The Council is back on a solid, sustainable financial footing and looking to the future in this Annual Plan 2016-17.

Final annual plan 2016 banner

The Council adopted its Annual Plan 2016-17 on 23 June 2016, including a lower than planned average rates increase of 4.9 per cent.

The Christchurch City Annual Plan 2016-17 and amended Long Term Plan 2015-25 set out all the projects and services the Council will provide over the next nine years, how much they will cost and where the money will come from.

The Annual Plan largely adopts the activities and budgets proposed in the draft plan, with some changes following public feedback. These include more money for footpath repairs and cheaper swimming pool entry for some children. Council will also work with Regenerate Christchurch to develop a regeneration plan for South Brighton, Southshore and the area north of Bridge Street.

Final Annual Plan 2016-17 [PDF 2.43MB]

Annual Plan 2016/17 Documents

Download the final version of the Annual Plan and the consultation documents.

How we plan to spend your rates

Watch this short video outlining what is happening.

About the draft Annual Plan

Mayor Lianne Dalziel outlines the Christchurch City Council's draft Annual Plan for 2016-17.

Map of projects

Take a look at what's planned.