Diamond Harbour – Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point is a community-led plan that the Council is helping the Diamond Harbour community to implement.

Getting to the Point

The Council is working with the Diamond Harbour community to progress actions identified in its Getting to the Point community-led plan.

An initial version of Getting to the Point was prepared by the Stoddart Point Regeneration Ideas Group (SPRIG) after the 2010–2011 earthquakes. It outlined a large and diverse range of issues that the Diamond Harbour community wished to see progress. Over thirty projects were included in the original 2013 action plan and were to be implemented, by the community or the Council, over 10 years and into the longer term as resources allowed.

Having taken over the work of the SPRIG, the Diamond Harbour Community Association (DHCA) is now a key driver of the plan’s implementation. From 2016 to 2017 the DHCA worked with the wider community and Council staff to update the community-led plan:

  1. Recommitting to projects where there was continued enthusiasm.
  2. Consolidating groups of actions together within subject area themes. The projects range from business development; community information and events; arts and culture; and infrastructure improvements (e.g. signage, open space, road and wharf improvements).

After seeking community feedback, the updated plan was adopted by the DHCA (March 2017), endorsed by the Banks Peninsula Community Board (September 2017), and presented to the Council (November 2017). Read the updated community-led plan(external link)
(external link)

Active projects

Village Development Plan

A key project in the updated plan relates to pedestrian and vehicle circulation, and safety improvements through the village centre. This led to the preparation of a Diamond Harbour Village Development Plan by Council staff, which is based on information, advice and feedback received from the DHCA and the wider community.

Changes shown in the Village Development Plan include:

  • Road narrowing, threshold paving and landscaping treatments and new or widened footpaths.
  • Increased parking and/or improved space delineation.
  • A one-way circular link road between the village centre shops, Godley House and cemetery parking areas into Stoddart Point Reserve.
  • Indicative locations for new landscape plantings and public furniture (e.g. signage, rubbish bins, seating, lighting etc).

The changes are intended to slow vehicle speeds, provide for safe crossing by pedestrians and improve the connection between the village shops, facilities and landmarks. The changes will also help to strengthen the village character and improve visitor way-finding. Read the Village Development Plan(external link). (external link)

Track development project

A quick win project for the community, prioritised by the DHCA in discussion with the community is for a new walking track through Stoddart Point Reserve, between the Godley House site and the car park in Stoddart Point Reserve (also known as the Domain).

Council staff are working closely with community volunteers to achieve the project, which will create an alternate and more direct walking route and improve visitor way-finding.