In September 2009, the final reports for the Akaroa Harbour Basin Settlements Study were endorsed by the Council as a guide to assist future decision making and planning processes.

The two final documents are

The Issues and Prospective Projects report is divided into two core parts:

Issues (Part II)

This part of the report identifies the issues that currently affect the eight harbour basin settlements, or are likely to affect these settlements in the future.

The identification of the issues has been informed through a combination of pre-existing technical reports and other documents, and public feedback on the Identifying the Issues discussion document.

Prospective Projects (Part III)

During 2008, Council staff identified and prioritised a range of options that would address the issues. Public consultation on the options was undertaken early 2009.

The preferred options have now been identified as ‘prospective projects’ in the final reports. Some projects are multi-disciplinary (for example the Detailed Planning Studies and the Akaroa Places and Spaces Plan), but most are more confined in their scope.