Area Plans

An area plan is a document that takes a long-term view of a particular geographical area, reflecting the local community's preferences on how it should or should not be developed. This is how we prepare options for the future use and development of land at the edge of the urban area and outlying settlements.

Area plan recommendations are usually implemented via changes to the zoning and rules applicable to the land and/or non-regulatory methods, such as public land acquisition, the capital works programme and design guidance.

Area plans help us to

  • identify future land use options
  • facilitate integrated planning of Council managed services
  • provide a framework assessing development contributions
  • anticipate and budget for future requirements for physical and social infrastructure
  • identify areas where land needs to be acquired.

An area plan's overriding purpose is to promote sustainable development.

Area plans are

  • a crucial planning tool for the organisation as a whole
  • important in communicating with developers and the community
  • a means of securing the commitment of elected members and staff across many Council units.

Timeframe - Area plans may take one to two years to develop or longer depending on factors such as gathering of technical information and references to the Environment Court, amongst others.

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