The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan (CAAP) has been developed in response to community concern about alcohol-related harm. It provides a collective vision, strategies and actions aimed at achieving a sustained reduction in alcohol-related harm.

Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan logo

Our vision

A safe, vibrant, healthy Christchurch, free from alcohol-related harm.

Key objectives

  1. Reduce alcohol-related injury and illness.
  2. Reduce the harm caused to children and young people.
  3. Reduce hazardous drinking.
  4. Shift attitudes towards harmful drinking.


The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan outlines a programme of actions to build upon and complement existing activity.

It is not intended to take the place of individual organisational plans, rather reflect the areas where agencies can gain efficiencies and effectiveness through collaborative planning and service delivery.

The plan is informed by New Zealand and international evidence; local data; and what our stakeholders and communities are saying about alcohol-related harm and how best to reduce it.

The plan has been shaped by a shared vision, values and desired outcomes developed in consultation with the community. It has been developed by a working group of three partner agencies. These agencies recognise alcohol harm as an important issue for the communities they serve and are committed to working together.

This plan does not commit any agency or its resources in any way other than a good faith commitment to the successful implementation of the plan.


What the plan offers Christchurch

The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan offers Christchurch:

  • A strong, unified and coherent voice in alcohol harm reduction.
  • A sustained coordinated approach to the effective reduction of alcohol-related harm.
  • An increased profile for alcohol-related issues in the community.
  • A process for monitoring and measuring progress.


Who the plan is for

The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan has been developed with support from the Safer Christchurch and Healthy Christchurch inter-agency groups.

The principal agencies leading the Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan are Christchurch City Council, Canterbury District Health Board and NZ Police. These organisations will lead the programme of actions and partner with other interested and invested parties to achieve the collective vision.

It is intended that the Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan be a dynamic resource that expands to incorporate and support all those individuals, groups, communities and organisations committed to improving public health and safety through the reduction of alcohol-related harm in Christchurch.