The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan 2017–2021 (CAAP) includes strategies and actions aimed at reducing alcohol harm across Christchurch.

CAAP document cover

The Christchurch Alcohol Action Plan has been developed by three partner agencies – Christchurch City Council, Canterbury District Health Board and NZ Police  with support from the Safer Christchurch and Healthy Christchurch inter-agency groups.

The CAAP is informed by New Zealand and international evidence, local data, and by what our stakeholders and communities are saying about alcohol-related harm and how best to reduce it.

It has been shaped by a shared vision, values and desired outcomes developed in consultation with the community.

Key objectives

  1. Reduce alcohol-related injury and illness.
  2. Reduce the harm caused to children and young people.
  3. Reduce hazardous drinking.
  4. Shift attitudes away from harmful drinking.