Watch past performances of Crash Bash, from 2012 to now.


The 2023 performance ‘Open Roads’ was toured to schools in greater Christchurch over February and March 2023.

The Court Theatre produced and toured this performance to more than 8,000 secondary school students in years 11 to 13.

The theme for 'Open Roads’ focused on being aware and observant of the different surroundings and driving behaviours on the open road.  This includes signage, motorway driving and overtaking.

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The Court Theatre produced and toured this performance to more than 10,000 secondary school students in years 10 to 13.

2021's theme 'What if…' conveyed to young drivers the importance of being aware of their surroundings and other road users and distractions – including cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and scooter riders.


2020's Crash Bash show 'What's the Rush' was a fast-moving and interactive stage performance for secondary school students.

It used a creative script and video stings to demonstrate three of the key driving risk factors for young drivers:

  • speed
  • intersections
  • seat belts


The key messages for the 2019 Reaction tour are why crashes occur and what driving behaviours can help young drivers avoid crashing. 



Crash Bash 2017 challenges local Canterbury students to various driving skills to keep them safe on the road.


The 2016 shows theme was 'Speak Up' and included video and interactive learning. 

The focus was on breach of licence conditions such as seat belts, speed, distractions from mobile phones and passengers. Learn what the true costs and consequences are so you are able to make safe choices for you and your mates.


The 2015 Crash Bash 'Hot Seat' involved interactive learning and drama in a game show style parody to reinforce making safe choices around current areas of concern for young drivers including seat belts, peer pressure, licence breaches and distraction and in particular mobile phones.


The 2014 Crash Bash performance 'Gutted' was based on a blend of actual crash case studies in Canterbury and highlighted the long term consequences of drink and drugged driving. 

In this story the character, Lance, was still dealing with the effects of a criminal record years later and the emotional torment and isolation he felt as a result of causing the death of his best mate.


The 2013 tour 'It only take a split second' highlighted how a risky decision could change the life of not just the individual who made it, but peers as well.

Follow the story of Zane, exploring the different consequences of a decision he made in a split second to drink and drive.


The 2012 tour 'Stand up' highlighted that it is ok to stand up and say no when faced with situations where you or your friends may feel uncomfortable.