Crash Bash

Crash Bash is an educational road safety programme with key road safety messages for secondary school students. It's organised by the Council in collaboration with NZ Police.

Crash Bash 2024 'Bad Habits’

The 2024 performance Bad Habits toured schools in the Canterbury region during February and March 2024. The Court Theatre produced and toured the performance to more than 8,000 secondary school students in years 11 to 13.

The theme for Bad Habits focused on being aware of the distractions on the road and not developing habits that can be dangerous.  This includes mobile phone use, cutting corners and navigating intersections.

Did you know?

In the Canterbury Police district, for the young driver 16 to 24 age group, between 2015 and 2019 (5 years), there were:

  • 54 fatal crashes
  • 390 serious injury crashes
  • 1592 minor injury crashes

The majority of crashes were due to poor observation (829), failing to give way or stop (641), alcohol (418), poor judgement (367) or speed (359).

This resulted in the type of crashes for young drivers crossing in front of oncoming traffic while they were turning, having rear-end crashes of other vehicles and losing control on bends or having a head-on crash. 

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To find out more or to make a booking for Crash Bash for high school students, or a Crash Bash and Beyond parent information session, please email


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