The aim is to promote local democracy by making sure that everyone understands how their Council operates and how they can have their say.

Local governance statement

The Council is required to prepare a governance statement after each triennial election and make it available to the public.

It includes information on:

  • Council functions, responsibilities and activities
  • How community board members and councillors are elected
  • The roles and conduct of those elected members
  • Governance structures and processes
  • Public access to people and the organisation
  • Key planning and policy documents.

Governance Statement 2019 to 2022 [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Code of conduct

The codes of conduct for councillors and community board members at Christchurch City Council.

Elected member allowances and expenses policy

Expenses and allowances for elected members.

Register of delegations

The Council delegates a number of decision making powers to committees, subordinate bodies and staff.

Standing orders

Rules on how the Council operates.