Councillor for Spreydon Ward.

Councillor for Spreydon Ward, Dr Melanie Coker

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Dr Melanie Coker

Councillor for Spreydon Ward, Dr Melanie Coker

About Melanie

Christchurch born and raised, Melanie attended the University of Canterbury, where she graduated with a BSc(Hons). Melanie then spent 10 years as a research scientist, firstly at the University of Otago in the field of cancer genetics. She then pursued further research in the Free Radical Research Lab at the Christchurch campus of Otago University, completing a PhD in biochemistry in 2010.

Melanie also has business experience, founding the education company AHeadStart Ltd in 2009. Today AHeadStart helps students of all ages to reach their academic goals.

Melanie was elected to the Spreydon/Heathcote community board in 2013 and the Spreydon Ward of the Spreydon/Cashmere community board since. Her current role as Councillor for the Spreydon ward includes being deputy chair of the Finance Committee.

Melanie has a Resource Management Act accreditation, has sat on several hearings panels for both the RMA and other council matters, and has completed Institute of Director development modules including Governance Essentials. Melanie also is a board member of the Summit Road Society.

Melanie is passionate about empowering local communities, youth, and those from all walks of life. She sees it as the role of the Christchurch City Council to take leadership towards the challenge of climate change. Melanie also believes the quality of Christchurch's drinking water and waterways are of high importance.

Melanie and her partner Michael have a four-year-old daughter.