Antigua Street cycle improvements

We are improving safety for all users on Antigua Street between Moorhouse Avenue and St Asaph Street and at Antigua Street footbridge.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 15 February 2022 to 15 March 2022

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Consultation has now closed

Thanks for taking the time to let us know your views about the Antigua Street cycleway connection and/or Antigua Street footbridge.

We received 125 submissions for the two projects and you can read all submissions received below

Antigua Street cycleway connection to be heard [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Antigua cycleway connection not to be heard [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Antigua Street footbridge [PDF, 168 KB]

Antigua Street cycleway connection received 117 submissions and Antigua Street footbridge received 95 submissions. The majority of submitters commented on both projects with a small number commenting on just one.

Key topics raised

Antigua Street cycleway connection

  • Parakiore Recreation and Sport Centre access onto Antigua Street – safety and visibility
  • Antigua Street/St Asaph Street – conflict point for pedestrians and cyclists and how we can make this safer and more efficient, phasing of light signal for further efficiencies
  • Too many trees proposed which impacts on the visibility for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, could lower planting be considered, more parking could be made available with less trees
  • Support the proposed speed reduction
  • Pedestrian safety with cyclists currently using the footpath in some places
  • Would like the cycleway wider than 2.2m
  • Concerns at the loss of parking and the remaining parking being time restricted
  • Support the new street trees
  • Pedestrian and cyclist conflict north of St Asaph Street including safety concerns at the entrance to CDHB parking building
  • Small number of comments related to the ensuring the cycleway has a smooth surface, left turn lane at Moorhouse Avenue, and the raised platform at Halkett Street being either a pedestrian crossing or a signalised crossing

Antigua Street footbridge

  • The volume of cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge can cause congestion. Cyclists and pedestrians should be separated with a painted line
  • People on the bridge sometimes don’t know who has right of way. Provide clearer signage.
  • Let users know they are entering a ‘slow zone’
  • The bridge is not wide enough for pedestrians and cyclists There should be a new second bridge, or the current bridge should be widened
  • The bike path should be extended onto Rolleston Avenue
  • The planter should be removed entirely and the other smaller planter should be narrowed

We considered all feedback and you can read our responses from section 8.8(external link) of the Antigua Cycleway report and from section 5.1(external link) of the Antigua Street footbridge report.

Staff recommendations

Antigua Street cycleway connection

The staff recommendation to the Hearings Panel is to recommend to Council to approve the Antigua Street cycleway connection plan which includes:

  • Installation of a separated cycleway
  • Removal of unrestricted parking
  • Installation of time-restricted parking
  • Changing the speed limit from 50 km/h to 30km/h between Moorhouse Avenue and St Asaph Street

Antigua Street footbridge

The staff recommendation to the Hearings Panel is to recommend to Council to approve the Armagh Street footbridge improvements plan which includes:

  • Modifying the planter boxes so the shared path can be wider
  • Inclusion of ‘Slow Zone’ markings
  • Cycle counter to be relocated

Meeting details and decision-making process

A staff report will be presented to the Hearings Panel who will then make a recommendation to Council, at the following meeting:

Date:   Monday 11 April 2022

Time:   9am

Venue:  Audiovisual link (Zoom)

You can read the meeting agenda, including the staff report and any additional information online at link) from Wednesday 6 April 2022.

The final decision is recorded in the meeting minutes, and these will be available on the same webpage three working days after the meeting.

If you had indicated you would like to speak at the hearings, you will have been contacted by our Committee and Hearings Advisor confirming a speaking slot for you.

Join Zoom Meeting

To join the meeting you just need to click on the link below which will open zoom in your internet browser. You will then join the waiting room until you are admitted to the meeting.

During breaks you will be moved to the waiting room and readmitted when the meeting starts. You should not need to enter a meeting passcode but it is listed below if required. Attached are some detailed instructions if you have not used zoom before. link)

Meeting ID: 643 941 8430
Passcode: 837164

Project timeframes

If the projects are approved, we expect that work will begin on the footbridge in October 2022 and the Antigua Street cycleway connection in late 2022.

Antigua Street cycleway connection

Why we’re building a cycleway

Antigua Street is used by approximately 1200-1500 cyclists every day and is the final connection for one of our busiest cycleways, Quarrymans Trail. We are now planning the final connection from Moorhouse Avenue into the central city. We would like to hear your feedback on this final stage.

The proposed design of the new cycleway focuses on safety and accessibility for all users along Antigua Street including cyclists, pedestrians, local businesses and the Metro Sport facility.

We will also be enhancing the area with new street trees and landscaping.

What you need to know

The proposed design for the new cycleway will involve:

  • A 2.2m wide separated one-way cycle lane on each side of Antigua Street from Moorhouse Avenue to St Asaph Street
  • Raised platforms outside 230b Antigua Street and 184 Antigua Street
  • A speed reduction to 30km/h
  • All on-street parking will be on the west side of Antigua Street. All parking has been removed from the east side to include the new separated cycleway and provide clear sightlines from driveways, and a safe environment for cyclists and pedestrians
  • New landscaping along Antigua Street which includes new street trees
  • Installation of two P10 parking spaces on Halkett Street outside Antigua Food Bar

If approved, construction is expected to start in September 2022.

Making the decision

A Hearings Panel will consider a staff report and all submissions on the cycleway connection. 

Antigua Street footbridge

Antigua Street footbridge gets congested with cyclists and pedestrians, especially at peak hours. We are improving safety for all users by:

  • reducing the size of the raised garden outside Boat Shed Café and widening the shared path
  • refreshing markings on the path to highlight the shared path and a new ‘slow zone’
  • relocating the garden edge seating and cycle counter away from the shared path

We want to hear your feedback on this plan. Have we got it right?

Making a decision

The Urban Development and Transport Committee will consider the staff report and submissions on the Antigua Street footbridge.

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Who to contact

Ann Tomlinson,
Senior Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

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