Linwood Village streetscape plan

What do you think of our draft plan for Stanmore Road?

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 9 February 2022 to 2 March 2022

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Consultation has now closed

Consultation on the Linwood Village streetscape plan has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 9 February to 2 March 2022. During this time we heard from 62 individuals and organisations. The table of consultation feedback [PDF, 8 MB] and submission analysis [PDF, 364 KB] is now available. 

As a result of consultation feedback we have:

  • Made refinements to tree locations and the type of trees specified
  • Altered the originally proposed P10 parking on Stanmore Road east side to remain at P30
  • Replaced the taxi stand on Worcester Street with additional P10 parking

A staff report recommending the approval of the new plan is being presented to the Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board on 31 August 2022. 

Building a better Linwood Village

Linwood people have told us how their neighbourhood should be.

We’ve listened, and we know a streetscape that offers a sense of place and safety, and a better experience for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users is important. 

We want to get the basics right

We know we can’t fix everything with a landscape plan – but it’s a good place to start.

A streetscape that works for everyone – people who live or work in the area and visitors – will go a long way towards creating a better, more welcoming environment and will be a springboard for long-term change.

Our draft plan includes ideas for enhancing Linwood Village so it can become the ‘heart of the community’.

We’ve focused on safety, with wider footpaths, dedicated cycle lanes, better lighting, more trees, and improved landscaping.

Key features of the plan

  • A speed limit reduction to 30kph, with 'Linwood Village' signage at the entry points
  • Raised crossing platforms at the intersections of Hereford and Worcester Streets and a paved crossing at Gloucester Street – all including tactile paving
  • A raised, paved courtesy crossing (6m long) between Hereford and Worcester Street intersections
  • New bus shelters at both Bus Stops with raised kerbs to make it more accessible for those entering and exiting buses
  • 1.8m wide on-street cycle lanes in both directions and 12 new cycle stands
  • Traffic lanes at least 3.2m wide
  • Parking restrictions south of Gloucester Street changed from P30 to P10 to increase parking turnover
  • 27 new trees on both sides of Stanmore Road and 3 in the central island of the Hereford Street roundabout, along with landscaping along the rest of the area
  • Revised northbound lane arrow marking towards Gloucester Street to improve traffic flow

We want to hear your thoughts on all aspects of this plan; what you like, what you don’t like, things we have missed or factors not considered. This is your neighbourhood, so let’s make sure we get it right.

Come and talk to us

We're happy to answer your questions, so come and chat with the project team at the Linwood Arts and Eastside Gallery on Thursday 17 February from 5pm to 7pm. 

Our drop-in session is going ahead as normal under the Red traffic light setting, but a vaccine pass is required to attend in person. Please sign/scan in and wear a mask.

If you are unable to attend you can also phone or email any time to speak with us directly about the project.

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Who to contact

Hannah Ballantyne,
Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

  • Closed for feedback