Halswell play spaces

We have the opportunity to reimagine four playgrounds in Halswell.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 16th November 2021 - 13th December 2021

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We have four playgrounds in Halswell where the play equipment is due for renewal. These playgrounds are in very close proximity to each other [PDF, 3.8 MB] and we have the opportunity to reimagine how we use each park to provide a variety of play and open spaces.

These are:

We have a limited budget so we want to make sure we’re spending it well, but we need your help. We want to understand which parks you visit the most, how you use them and what would be better in each space. 

Use the text boxes below to tell us how you use each park and what you would like to see in these parks. This may include walking the dog, playing on the playground, general play, using the picnic facilities or something else. 

We would then like you to describe what you would like to see in the future. This could include picnic tables, pathways, new play equipment or you may have some other ideas. 

Come and talk to us

Date: Tuesday 30 November

Location: Westbrooke Park

Time: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Next steps

By providing this information you'll help guide the project team to develop a draft concept plan for each park that better reflects the needs of the Halswell Community. Your feedback and ideas are valuable and will help shape a neighbourhood with a variety of play and open spaces.

Save your progress and resume your submission at a later time.

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Comment below on why you go to Shamrock Reserve and what you would like to see there.

Comment below on why you go to Wales Reserve and what you would like to see there.

Comment on why you go to Westbrooke Park and what you would like to see there.

Comment below on why you go to Ridder Reserve and what you would like to see there.

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If requested, submissions, names and contact details are made available to the public, as required by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. 

View the Christchurch City Council Privacy Statement 2020.

If there are good reasons why your details and/or submission should be kept confidential, please contact our Engagement Manager on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 (Banks Peninsula).

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Once you submit your feedback you will receive an automated acknowledgement email. If you don't receive this email please contact the Engagement Advisor.

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Gina Ryan,
Engagement Advisor

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