We operate our stormwater network under resource consents granted by Environment Canterbury, so we are responsible for elevated contamination in our rivers and streams.

If you are planning a building or development that uses our stormwater network, we suggest you get advice on stormwater and your property(external link) early to take this into account in the design and consenting process.

Once operational, certain occupiers are required to obtain a stormwater discharge licence. Your site may be audited and sampled to ensure that it is operating with adequate controls and good management practices in place to mitigate risks to our waterways.


Is the applicant also the occupier?



Occupier’s billing details


Site information

Are there sites adjacent to the site that are associated with the business activities?
Total site size including any adjacent sites
Ground cover


Business activity

Select all categories of industrial and trade activities that take place at the site address

Select all agricultural support industry activities
Select all animal transfer and processing industry activities
Select all bulk storage and handling centre activities
Select all chemical industry activities
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Weatherproof enclosures and the wastewater network

A weatherproof enclosure is a structure such as a building that fully contains an activity or materials and prevents wind and precipitation including runoff from coming inside. The wastewater network includes wash bays and other industrial discharge areas that are trade waste consented.

Select the proportion of your site covered by weatherproof enclosures and/or that drains to the wastewater network


First-flush treatment systems

There is an approved treatment system for precipitation running off the uncovered area that is designed to hold and treat the first part of every storm (first flush).

Volume-based first flush systems include:

The first flush volume is:


Flow-based treatment systems

There is an approved treatment system for precipitation running off the uncovered area that is designed to treat a flow-based rainfall intensity for every storm.

Flow-based devices include:

  • Hynds Up-Flo filter fitted with CPZ Media
  • Stormwater360 Stormfilter fitted with ZPG Media
  • Stormwater360 Filterra/Bioscape
  • SPEL SPELFilter
  • SPEL Hydrosystem
  • Oldcastle/Austin Bluewater Biopod
  • Oldcastle/Austin Bluewater Perk Filter
  • StormwateRx Aquip
  • E2 Environmental Silt0

The flow-based treatment is:


Additional stormwater controls and practices

Please select any additional stormwater controls and practices that are implemented at the site.



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