Rates are assessed annually on each property, payable in four instalments.

If you wish to pay rates in one sum you can.  Disregard instalment 1 and pay the 'Amount payable to clear rates for year' on instalment 2 without incurring the 10 per cent late payment penalty for missing the due date for the first instalment.

Due dates for instalments

Instalment 1 2 3 4
Area 1:
Includes the Central City and the suburbs of St Albans, Merivale, Mairehau, Papanui, Riccarton, Addington, Spreydon, Sydenham, Beckenham, Opawa and Banks Peninsula.
15 Aug      15 Nov      15 Feb      15 May     
Area 2:
Includes the suburbs of Shirley, New Brighton, Linwood, Woolston, Mt Pleasant, Sumner, Cashmere and Heathcote.
15 Sep 15 Dec 15 Mar 15 Jun
Area 3:
Includes the suburbs of Belfast, Parklands, Harewood, Avonhead, Bishopdale, Ilam, Fendalton, Hornby, Templeton and Halswell.
31 Aug 30 Nov 28 Feb 31 May