Godley Head track

Start: Just past the first cattle stop, Godley Head Road.

Finish: Taylors Mistake car park or Godley Head car park.

Access: Leave your car in Sumner and bike up Evans Pass Road, or drive up and park.

Signage: At the start and throughout.

Description: The track starts on the right, past the first cattle stop.

The first section climbs up through old lava flows. It mellows into a single track which takes you out to the Godley Head car park.

Cross the road onto a single track that takes you back to Breezes Col below Godley Head Road. From here you can ride the Anaconda Track for an exhilarating ride down into Taylors Mistake.

Either retrace the single track or ride the road over the hill back to Sumner.

Note: Water and toilets are available at the Godley Head car park.

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