Guidelines to get yourself ready to volunteer at one of our events.

Volunteer in a park

Be safe

  • Do not touch chemical containers, sharp objects, tyres or other large objects – let us know about hazards via Snap Send Solve.
  • Children must be supervised and warned not to handle syringes or other dangerous objects.
  • Bring the right gear – closed-toe footwear, weather-appropriate clothing and gloves. Volunteers should also bring medication, sunblock, water, snacks and a phone in case of emergencies.
  • Take care around slippery or steep banks and watch tidal conditions.
  • Do not walk in streams or waterways. This can be dangerous, and it disrupts wildlife.
  • If you’ve organised an event, carry a phone and a first aid kit. You will need a list of your volunteers’ names and their next of kin contact details in case of an emergency.
  • For safety reasons, fill out all the required forms and provide any information we request. 

Corporate volunteers

Get out of the office and into the great outdoors. Volunteering with your colleagues is a great team-building experience and a way for your business to meet its corporate sustainability goals.

What you need to know

The company’s coordinator must ensure everyone knows how to keep safe.  All staff must read and understand the guidelines [PDF, 2.4 MB] before volunteering.

Our staff will usually supervise your activity and provide health and safety information. We can sometimes provide equipment and materials for your event.

Not all parks are suited to group projects. Tell us about your group using the volunteer enquiry form and we’ll do our best to find a suitable match.


Rubbish cleanups: Rubbish is an issue in many parks, especially around major roads and waterways. Organising a clean up is a great way to give back to your community.

Planting, weeding and mulching: Our volunteer planting season runs from late autumn to early spring. Outside of this season, you can help by taking part in weeding and maintenance days to protect young plants.

Support your local community: Many parks have active community groups that do regular volunteer work. Consider joining an event at one of these sites.

Bookable spaces

If your corporate volunteer event will involve a large group, gazebo, bouncy castle or picnic space, you may need to book a space through our events team. 

Check out which parks are suitable for large picnics.


Schools wanting to join planting projects should fill out the volunteer enquiry form or contact

Schools can apply for recycling bins to support sustainability and waste warrior activities. This programme aims to encourage students to participate in recycling and supports the New Zealand Curriculum.

Check out our waste education(external link) programmes.

Keep NZ Beautiful also has some great education resources(external link).

Join a community group

See where your local community group is working.

How to plant

Download the planting guide [PDF, 1.2 MB] and survival guide [PDF, 173 KB] for planting tips.

Check the ecosystem map to see what kind of native plants are best suited to where you live and what historically grew in the area.