Together with the Brooklands community, we're in the process of developing a Community Action Plan.

The Canterbury earthquakes had a significant impact on Brooklands – on the environment, on property, on the community and on individuals. As a consequence, Brooklands residents have faced considerable uncertainty about the future of their area.

We recognise the importance of resolving this uncertainty, as much as we can, for the wellbeing of residents and the community as a whole.

Together with the community, we are now in the process of developing a Community Action Plan.

The Council is managing any transitional land uses and enquiries to use land in the Brooklands former residential red zone. For more information email You can provide feedback on any land use proposals by visiting the Using the regeneration areas(external link) page.


In December 2019 Regenerate Christchurch provided advice to the Council regarding the use of powers under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act to support regeneration in red zone areas.

Brooklands community workshop

The first step in creating the Landscape Development and Action Plan is to have a clear understanding of community expectations and aspirations.

We've held a number of workshops with Brooklands residents over the past year to help get that clarity. 

At these sessions, we received lots of feedback and modified the draft plan accordingly. 

Purpose of the action plan

The action plan will outline a long-term vision for the area, and how this ties into the wider Regional and Community Park network. Once this is settled and adopted by the Community Board, we will begin a staged programme of implementation.

We'll be able to get some of the actions underway quickly – ecological restoration work for instance. Other medium and longer-term projects may require funding in either the Annual Plan or Long Term Plan cycles and will need the support of the Waitai Coastal-Burwood-Linwood Community Board. 

As there are always more requests for Council funding than there is money available, the action plan will identify what is a priority for the Community. 

Some people also identified concerns about flooding and sea-level rise. These are issues that impact many coastal communities and there are often no easy or quick answers. We’ll need to work together through these issues as part of the coastal hazards adaptation planning programme. 

Information about the red zone

We have a fact sheet [PDF, 341 KB] that provides some information about the red zone and the Specific Purposes Flat Land Recovery Zone, who currently owns the land not held in private ownership, and who will own it in the future. 

Global Stormwater Discharge Consent 

We’ve created a fact sheet [PDF, 452 KB] with information on the new consent, what it means for recent and future developments, and why we don’t dredge the Styx River.