City Promenade

A wide, easy walk along the river through the city centre.

Start Christchurch Hospital
Finish Barbadoes Street, end of Margaret Mahy Playground
Time 2km
Distance 30 minutes
Dogs On lead
Shared use Yes
Wheelchair accessible Yes

Once primarily for vehicles, Oxford Terrace, on the east side of the river has become a broad, paved area for everyone to share. Pedestrians and cyclists now have priority along the 2km expanse.

Starting from the hospital end of Oxford Terrace, follow the river past the national memorial to the victims of the Canterbury Earthquake. 

The promenade then crosses Cambridge Terrace and heads up The Terrace where you can find many bars and restaurants. Be sure to head down to the river using the access points to spot some eels before continuing along the terrace.

The path then leads into Victoria Square, a historic marketplace and popular spot for events. The Town Hall sits across the river and you can enjoy the Ferrier Fountain, shaped like dandelions, and the Bowker Fountain, the first illuminated electric fountain in Australasia. 

Continuing along the path, you will eventually arrive at the famous Margaret Mahy playground, a wonderland for children. 

For a longer walk, cross the river and take the Te Ara Trail all the way out to the estuary.

More about the City Promenade from Ōtākaro Limited.(external link)