Walking track map

Find a track in area that you want to explore with our interactive map.

Walking tracks are displayed as purple lines and shared tracks (walking and cycling) are displayed as orange dotted lines. If you know the name of the track you want to find you can click the Marker icon on the left to view a list of all tracks. 

We will extend the map to cover other great places to walk around Christchurch over time, but if you have any feedback you can email us at parksinfo@ccc.govt.nz.

Map Listing



While we do our best to ensure information is correct and regularly updated, errors in the data and its completeness may occur. The walks that we are promoting are represented by interactive, clickable lines - we cannot verify the accuracy of any tracks displayed on the underlying base map.

All users should be aware that changes in the environment can happen quickly such as slips, rockfalls, or access across private land and may not be represented immediately on the mapping provided. Take note of signs on the ground. Be aware of safety in the outdoors and be suitably prepared for your walk.

Also note that the following tracks on the Port Hills remain closed since the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011 – Heathcote Quarry Track and Whitewash Head Track. The Flowers Track is open and Taylors Mistake Track from 121 Taylors Mistake Road to Taylors Mistake Beach.