Curator's edible garden workshops provide practical, seasonal instruction for your home garden.

Curators Garden

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Curator's Garden

The Curator's Garden is designed as an ornamental kitchen garden also known by the French term, potager. A garden with purpose, it serves as a source of vegetables, fruit and herbs all year round.

Raised beds, rotational crops and plants trained to grow upwards to conserve space are common elements in this functional and well structured garden. As well as edible elements, companion plants are added to enhance beauty and attract pollinating insects. 

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Curator's edible garden sessions

Join Botanic Gardens' curator Louise Young and sustainability expert Rhys Taylor as they offer hands-on practice and inspiration for maintaining or creating your own edible garden throughout the year.

All workshops take place in the Botanic Gardens' Curator's Garden, next door to the the Curator's House restaurant on Rolleston Ave.

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