Connecting people to the art, science and practice of gardening and horticulture.

Located in the Kiosk, opposite the Armagh Street footbridge entrance to the Gardens, the Canterbury Horticultural Society (CHS) is open seven days a week. Drop in for a chat with the friendly and knowledgeable volunteers inside.

Season Opening hours
Winter 10am to 3pm
Summer 10am to 4pm
Christmas Day Closed

The Canterbury Horticultural Society is New Zealand's largest gardening and horticultural organisation and recently celebrated its 160th Anniversary. Their comprehensive programme features walking groups, tours, shows and educational activities including: 

  • Garden Life(external link), a two-hour programme of gardening tips and socialising including a main and mini speaker of horticultural interest.
  • Gardening education and training courses aimed at upskilling home gardeners.
  • Regular evening and weekend workshops ranging from indoor plants to propagation.

Find out more, or become a member of the Canterbury Horticultural Society.(external link)