BBQs and picnics

Everyone is welcome to enjoy our city's parks for a picnic or bbq.

A number of parks have fixed BBQs nearby, which cannot be booked.

For a simple gathering you can book a picnic space, which gives you first priority use, however not all picnic spaces are bookable. Contact us for bookings and availability.

People are asked to refrain from smoking or vaping in Council-owned playgrounds and parks, including sports parks, in line with the Council's Smokefree and Vapefree Public Places Policy.


Simply use the BBQ when it's available then leave it clean for others. 

The BBQs are free and work by electric ignition; push the start button for 15 seconds to operate. You can also take your own gas BBQ to any park except the Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale. Only gas BBQs are permitted, due to the risk of fires.

Most park sites are well set up to hold gatherings of up to 50 people. A few parks have capacity for much larger groups. 

If the size of your group is larger than the capacity of the picnic site or you want to include bouncy castles or gazebos (external link)at your picnic, you may need further approval.

Terms and conditions for the use of park picnic sites. [PDF, 23 KB]

Fees for booking a space in a park or garden(external link).

You will be required to pay at the time of booking. This ensures that the area is not being used by another group booking, that the area is clean and tidy and contractors will not be carrying out maintenance work. 

Please note that you cannot book a picnic space in the Botanic Gardens. You can check our events page(external link) or the Botanic Gardens events(external link) page to find out what else is on.

If you want to make a booking for a large gathering of more than 150 people that is publicly advertised and includes the following:

  • infrastructure pegged in the grounds
  • disturbance of traffic either pedestrian or car 
  • a PA system or band
  • alcohol
  • food vendors.

It is likely to be considered an event which means you will need to apply for an event permit(external link).

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Picnic spaces

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