Listing an event

Find out what the criteria are for listing an event on the Council website.

Please note that Christchurch City Council is not obliged to list any event submitted and reserves the right to edit or decline any event.

For your event to be listed in our events section it must:

  • occur at a venue or location within the Christchurch City boundary, Selwyn District or Waimakariri District
  • be open to general public
  • have a broad appeal for the community as well as visitors
  • be submitted by the event organiser or authorised agent
  • be specific, finalised and confirmed prior to submission. Events without dates or undetermined locations etc. will not be listed
  • have the correct sized images attached as per the image guidelines.

Commercial events are allowed on the site but we reserve the right to reject events that are essentially promoting a business e.g. a promotion day at a restaurant.

Please note that images must be of an acceptable quality. Low resolution images, blurry images or images that are the wrong dimensions may be removed from entries.

Do not submit images with text on them. This is really important as not all users of the site can see text on images. You can put all the information about your event in the event details section.

Thumbnail image

  • Compulsory.
  • Image displays in the search results.
  • Allowed file types .jpg .jpeg .png.
  • Image must be square, dimensions 1:1, 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels high.
  • File size limit: 500kb.
  • Must not be a logo.

Banner image

  • Compulsory. 
  • Image displays at the top of the event.
  • Allowed file types .jpg .jpeg .png.
  • Image dimensions 16:9, 800 pixels wide by 450 pixels high.
  • File size limit: 500kb.

Gallery images

  • Optional. We will remove gallery images which duplicate the banner or contain a lot of text on them. Text on images cannot be read by all users of the site so if something is important please make sure it's in the text for the event.
  • Images display beneath event banner on event page.
  • Allowed file types .jpg .jpeg .png.
  • Dimensions: 16:9, 800 pixels wide by 450 pixels high (same as the banner).
  • Filesize limit: 500kb.
  • A maximum of four gallery images can be added per event.


List an event form

Complete this form to list your event on our website

Modify an event form

Use this form if you've submitted an event to our site and want to make some changes to it

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