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Criteria for listing an event

To have your event approved it must meet the following criteria. Your event must:

  • occur at a venue or location within the Christchurch City boundary, Selwyn District or Waimakariri District
  • be open to the general public
  • have a broad appeal for the community as well as visitors
  • be submitted by the event organiser or authorised agent
  • be specific, finalised and confirmed prior to submission
  • include all required information and images

COVID-19 requirements

Under the Orange traffic light level(external link), there are different rules depending on whether the events follow the My Vaccine Pass(external link) requirements.

If an event follows My Vaccine Pass requirements there is no limit to how many people can be at the venue.

If an event is not following My Vaccine Pass requirements there can be up to 50 people in a venue at any time. This limit applies to both indoor and outdoor venues.

As an event provider please confirm the status of your event in your listing and let those attending know if they have to show their My Vaccine Pass to enter the event.

Please note that Christchurch City Council is not obliged to list any event submitted and reserves the right to edit or decline any event.

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