The Council protects open space, landscape and biodiversity through parks and reserves, covenants, sites of ecological significance, consents, land, waterways and coastal restoration programmes.

Beech Waipuna Banks Peninsula

Biodiversity Funding

Looking for assistance with fencing, planting or pest plant and animal identification and control?

Pest plants and animals

Pest plants and animals must be controlled to protect our native plants and animals (biodiversity).

Sites of Ecological Significance

A site of ecological significance is listed in the District Plan as an area of high biodiversity value.


A covenant is a voluntary legally binding protection of land.


A consent may be required for work within areas of high biodiversity or landscape value.

Treasured Plants of the People

A booklet looking at a small selection of the plants found in Canterbury and how Maori traditionally use them

Volunteer on Council parks

Volunteering is a great way to help look after the environment you enjoy.

Groups involved in biodiversity

Volunteer in groups around Christchurch to restore biodiversity.