Christchurch has a unique biodiversity with a diverse range of natural areas, including the Port Hills, beaches and coastal areas, tussock grasslands, parks, waterways and wetlands.

Air quality

Find out more about how air quality is measured and who is responsible for it.


Protecting the biodiversity of our parks and reserves, sites of significance, land, waterways and coast.

Climate Action

We have an emissions target. Half by 2030 and carbon zero by 2045.

Climate change

Prepare for the opportunities and challenges presented by climate change.


There are a number of coastal areas within Christchurch, including harbours, ports and estuaries.


Information and resources about the land around us, including the Port Hills, the coast and potential hazards.

Learning programmes

Environmental and city programmes provide relevant and authentic hands-on learning.


To live sustainably is to think about the choices we make now and to act responsibly.

Trees and vegetation

Maximise the health and sustainability of the city’s urban trees and forests.

Waste minimisation

All of us need to focus on what we are creating and using that is becoming waste.


Water in our environment.