Built environment reporting

The number of residential building consents issued over the years has fluctuated ranging between 100 and 200 residential consents issued per month. The number of houses gained per building consent has been tracking up, peaking in March 2022 with nearly 500 houses being gained. 

Multi-unit dwellings made up 62% of residential housing gain in 2021, increasing to 71% (around 2,800) in 2022. This is largely driven by developer activity, where typically a single stand-alone dwelling is demolished and multiple units are built back. This intensification commonly occurs in the central city and the central city frame in areas such as Edgeware, Sydenham and Spreydon; although we may see this type of building activity spread further into the suburbs in the future.

Multi-unit dwellings average around 110m2 and have been getting smaller over the years. They usually have two bedrooms, with a construction value of around $265,000 per unit.

Greenfield areas such as Halswell and Prestons, have seen the highest number of residential building consents issued over the years. Stand-alone dwellings are typically constructed in these greenfield areas, averaging around 195m2 with three bedrooms per dwelling, and a construction value of between $300,000 and $400,000, although construction costs are increasing. 

This report will be updated monthly. 

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Note: The applicants with the highest housing gain is an approximation as a company may complete building consent applications under various names.