Heritage Grant funding supports owners, kaitiaki, communities and groups to protect, promote and celebrate the unique stories and places that are our taonga.

Christchurch and Banks Peninsula have a rich and diverse heritage which is a significant part of our identity. The places, memories and stories of all our cultures are treasures to be shared, celebrated and passed on to future generations. Valuing and connecting with our taonga provides individual and community benefits and is a foundation for a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable 21st-century city. 

Heritage provides our communities with connections to place, culture, identity and to one another. In addition, heritage delivers economic benefits, educational, recreational and tourism opportunities, and contributes to sustainability. 

Our heritage is tangible and intangible, built and natural and comprises places, objects, stories, memories and traditions. Tangible and intangible aspects usually co-exist in heritage places and items, and are interwoven.

We have an opportunity to preserve and share the places, stories and memories which are our taonga.

Heritage grant schemes provide financial support to contribute to the protection of the district’s heritage now, and for future generations. 

Please note: the Heritage Grant Funds are now closed to applications.

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Past recipients

Here are some of the projects that have received Council Heritage Incentive Grants.