The Council maintains flag poles in the following locations and are maintained quarterly.

  • Bridge Of Remembrance (1)
  • Victoria Square (1)
  • Town Hall (2)
  • Four Ships Corner In Cathedral Square (4)
  • Civic Centre (2)
  • 7m flagpoles of sister cities nations on Orchard Road, near the Airport (6)
  • 10m flagpole of New Zealand on Orchard Road, near the Airport (1)
  • Fendalton Customer Service Hub (1)
  • Park Terrace, opposite The George Hotel (3)

Flag etiquette

No flag should fly higher than the New Zealand flag. When the New Zealand flag is at half-mast, all other flags must be removed. These flags are lowered to half-mast in times of mourning.

Flags on government buildings should be flown at half-mast when directed by the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

There is no authority over flags from private companies or businesses.

Christchurch City flag

Christchurch flagThe Christchurch City flag is an armorial banner of the Christchurch coat of arms. Designed by William Brittenden, it was adopted as the city's ceremonial flag in 1976.

It is flown on set occasions from the Civic Offices.

The coat of arms' features that make up the flag are:

  • four gold lymphads representing the first four ships arriving in Lyttelton, which began the Christchurch settlement in 1850
  • emblems on a red chevron:
    • a gold mitre, as Christchurch was planned as a Church of England settlement and made a Bishop's see with accompanying city status in 1856
    • a gold fleece and sheaf, representing the agricultural and pastoral pursuits of the province
  • blue wavy bars to represent the Avon and the Heathcote rivers.

Read more about the flags of New Zealand.(external link)