The Christchurch Business Improvement District (BID) programme enables the Council to work with our business communities to improve local business areas and boost the city economy.

What BIDs do

A BID is a structured programme where businesses in a defined area choose to work collaboratively to promote their business area.

A BID programme delivers benefits through local business investment, promotion and joint initiatives with the council and government agencies. These can be delivered through initiatives such as:

  • promotions, events and marketing campaigns
  • business support and enterprise
  • local economic development activities
  • skill and expertise development
  • crime prevention initiatives
  • networking and shared services
  • local improvement projects
  • advocacy to local and central government.

Community boards are encouraged to be partners in any BID programme in their area. The community board and the BID operator share an interest in the success of the local area and share goals such as neighbourhood prosperity, community identity and pride.

BID policy

The Christchurch City Council BID Policy 2016 provides a framework within which local businesses can work together to establish and operate a BID programme.

The policy applies to all areas within the Christchurch City Council district and can be applied to any size business community.

Policy operating standards

The BID Policy Operating Standards [PDF, 780 KB] support the Council BID policy and outline operational requirements of BID programmes. Procedures outlined in this document are an integral part of the BID Programme and need to be read in conjunction with the Policy.

Funding BID programmes

BID programme funding comes primarily from a targeted rate on business properties in the BID area. The rate is based on the capital value of each property and / or a fixed charge per property. The way the rate is set is decided during the establishment phase of the BID programme to best meet the needs of the local business community.

The Council collects the rate and provides it to the BID operator as a grant. This provides a sustainable revenue stream to fund BID programme activities.

Establishing a new BID

The business community must initiate the process to establish a new BID programme.

The Council will work with the business community to decide whether a BID programme is right for that community. If so, the Council will work with the business community towards establishment of a BID programme.

The Council will provide ongoing support and oversight to the BID programme once it is established.

BID Grant fund

The Council has a Business Improvement District Grant Fund to assist business associations and communities to undertake projects to improve their business district.

The funding can be used for a broad range of initiatives. Check the criteria and get thinking about how to make your business district a better place.