The Council's maintenance contractor runs a Permit to Enter (PtE) system for people who require access to Council water, stormwater and wastewater sites.

A Permit to Enter ensures that: 

  • people who go to the sites are made aware of the type of health and safety hazards on the sites
  • people are made aware of what their responsibilities are
  • those who normally manage these sites are aware of planned visits by others.

The maintenance contractor delivers the briefing, issues the permits and keeps the register, works closely with the operations and maintenance teams of the Council.

Sites include water, wastewater and stormwater pump stations, lift stations and vacuum stations, water and wastewater treatment plants on the Banks Peninsula, water reservoirs and wastewater odour control sites.

A person who needs a Permit to Enter may also need a Permit to Work if the work they are doing interferes with the normal operation of the site they are working at. 

This Permit to Enter system does not apply to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Who needs a permit to enter?

Those who need a Permit to Enter include people carrying out inspection, investigation, auditing, testing, calibration, maintenance, renewal, capital work or educational programmes at any of the sites mentioned above.

It will include Council staff,  technicians, the maintenance contractors sub-contractors, electrical contractors, fuel or chemical suppliers, Regional council employees, consultants, educators, instrument technicians.

Getting a permit to enter

A Permit to Enter can be gained by emailing the Council's maintenance contractor Citycare

There are three different types of Permit to Enter. A card covering the particular type of work will be given to the applicant once they have successfully met the conditions and attended the contractors Permit to Enter briefing.

Type 1 permit

Issued to persons requiring regular access to sites for the purpose of carrying out regular maintenance.

Type 2 permit

Issued to persons who require access to a particular site to carry out work for a fixed period

Type 3 permit

Issued to persons to make a one off visit to a site. This may require an escorted visit.

Once the Permit to Enter has been given, the applicant must adhere to the Permit to Enter requirements and any instruction given at the briefing or site induction. The permit may be revoked if they fail to do so.

Site access keys

Keys for site locks and padlocks are controlled by Council staff in the Network Operations team at the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pages Rd (adjacent to the Citycare yard).

The applicant must carry out an induction at the Treatment Plant office including watching an instructional video before signing for and being loaned a key.