Council requires all water supply mains and submains to be pressure tested, chlorinated and bacteriologically tested in order to minimise the risk of contamination of the water supply network.

Chlorination must be carried out by experienced personnel from either City Care Limited, Independent Pipeline Services Limited or Trenching Dynamix Limited, who are Council-approved for this work.

City Care Limited 

  • City Care 0508 CITYCARE (248 922)
  • Edward Tritt 027 232 8131 (main contact)
  • Bruce Stewart 027 230 9862
  • Paul Costello 027 495 8976
  • Justin Newth 027 224 9824
  • Brian Newth 027 247 9251, (supervisor)

Independent Pipeline Services Limited

Trenching Dynamix Limited

Full details on the pressure testing, chlorination and water quality testing requirements can be found in our guidance notes for Council authorised water supply installers [PDF, 14 KB].