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Name Type
Abolition 2000 resolution for municipalities policy Policy
Adopt a park/cemetery scheme policy Policy
Advertising on bus shelters policies Policy
Ageing Together Policy Policy
Akaroa Harbour Basin settlements study Plan
Akaroa Harbour water and wastewater planning Strategy
Alcohol Restrictions Bylaw 2009 Bylaw
Alcohol-related harm at public events policies Policy
Annual Plan 2008/9 Plan
Annual Plan 2009/8 Plan
Annual Plan 2010/11 Plan
Annual Plan 2011/12 Plan
Annual plan 2012/13 Plan
Annual Report 2006 Plan
Annual Report 2007 Plan
Annual Report 2008 Plan
Annual Report 2009 Plan
Annual Report 2010 Plan
Annual Report 2011 Plan
Annual Report 2012 Plan
Annual Report 2013 Plan
Annual Report 2014 Plan
Appointment and Remuneration of Directors policy Policy
Archaeological Discovery Protocol Policy
Arts Policy and Strategy Policy
Arts Policy and Strategy 2001 Strategy
Banks Peninsula policies register Policy
Belfast area plan Plan
Biodiversity Strategy 2008 Strategy
Botanic Gardens Management Plan Plan
Bottle Lake Management Plan Plan
Brooklands Lagoon/ Te Riu O Te Aika Kawa Master Plan Plan
Brothels Bylaw 2013 Bylaw
Burial rights for returned services personnel Policy
Burnside Park Management Plan Plan
Bylaw reviews Bylaw
Capital Endowment Fund policy Policy
Cashmere Spur and Bowenvale Valley Management Plan Plan
CCHL and subsidiary companies - guidelines policy Policy
Cemeteries Bylaw 2013 Bylaw
Cemeteries Conservation plans Plan
Cemeteries Master Plan 2013 Plan
Central City Recovery Plan Plan
Charging for official information policy Policy
Children's Policy Policy
Christchurch Arts Strategy
Christchurch City Council and Crown earthquake cost sharing Strategy
Christchurch District Plan Plan
Christchurch economic development strategy 2014 Strategy
Cleanfill Licensing Bylaw 2015 Bylaw
Climate smart strategy 2010 Strategy
Community gardens guidelines policy Policy
Community van policy Policy
Conservation covenants for non-heritage properties policy Policy
Corporate Environmental Policy Policy
Cruising and Prohibited Times on Roads Bylaw 2014 Bylaw
Customer Services Standards & Principles Policy Policy
Dangerous and insanitary buildings policy 2018 Policy
Development contributions policy Policy
Dog Control Policy Policy
Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2016 Bylaw
Drones and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems policy Policy
Early childhood education policy Policy
Equity and access for people with disabilities Policy Policy
Events Strategy 2007 Strategy
External fundraising Policy
Footpath Battens Policy Policy
Footpath Berms Policy Policy
Footpath extensions to expand cafés onto the roadway Policy Policy
Free Waste Dumping Policy Policy
Freedom Camping Bylaw Bylaw
Gambling and TAB venues policy Policy
Garden of Tane Scenic Reserve Management Plan Plan
General Bylaw 2008 Bylaw
Grazing licences policy Policy
Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens Master Plan Plan
Hagley Park Management Plan 2007 Plan
Halswell Quarry Park Management Plan Plan
Heavy vehicle parking in a residential area policy Policy
Heritage Conservation policy Policy
Heritage Values, Vision & Mission Statements policy Policy
Infrastructure Strategy Strategy
Insurance proceeds Policy
Integrated Water Strategy Strategy
International Relations Policy Policy
Investment Policy Policy
Jellie Park Management Plan Plan
Kapuatohe Historic Reserve Management Plan Plan
Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP) Plan
Lease Policy Policy
Liability Management Policy Policy
Living streets charter policy Policy
Local Parks Acquisition Policy Policy
Long Term Plan 2015-25 Plan
Maintenance of private rights-of-way policy Policy
Marine and River Facilities Bylaw 2008 Bylaw
Mid-Heathcote River/Opawaho Linear Park Master Plan Plan
Montgomery Spur Reserve Management Plan Plan
Multicultural Strategy Strategy
Naming of reserves and facilities policy Policy
Nga Puna Wai and Canterbury Agricultural Park Management Plan Plan
Nuclear weapons & nuclear propelled ships policy Policy
Operative Banks Peninsula District Plan Plan
Operative Christchurch City Plan Plan
Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2016 Bylaw
Parks and Waterways Access Policy 2002 Policy
Pedestrian accessways closure policy Policy
Physical recreation and sport strategy 2002 Strategy
Policy reviews Policy
Port Hills reserves: future management requirements policy Policy
Procurement Policy Policy
Property - process for disposal of Council property Policy
Provisional Local Alcohol Policy (or LAP) Policy
Psychoactive Products Retail Locations Policy Policy
Public Amenity Signing Policy Policy
Public open space strategy 2010 Strategy
Public Places Bylaw 2008 Bylaw
Public Streets Enclosures Policy and fees charged Policy
Public toilets Policy
Rates Postponement Policy Policy
Rates Remission Policy Policy
Rating Policy Policy
Rawhiti Domain and Thomson Park Management Plan Plan
Recreation and sport organisations Policy
Remission and Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land Policy
Residents’ Associations – formation & recognition policy Policy
Revenue and Financing Policy Policy
Revoked Bylaws Bylaw
Road Stopping Policy 2009 Policy
Roads and rights-of-way naming Policy
Rubbish-free parks Policy
Safer Christchurch strategy 2005 Strategy
Scarborough Park Policy
Schedule of Elected Members' Expenses and Allowances Policy
Seafield Park Management Plan Plan
Signboards in public places policy Policy
Significance and Engagement Policy 2014 Policy
Skateboarding, inline skating and BMX cycling strategy 2004 Strategy
Smokefree Public Places Policy Policy
Social Housing Strategy 2007 Strategy
Social Wellbeing Policy Policy
South New Brighton Reserves Development Plan Plan
South New Brighton Reserves Management Plan Plan
South-West Area Plan Plan
Speaking rights: district scheme changes Policy
Speed limit policy Policy
Speed Limits Bylaw 2010 Bylaw
Spencer Park Management Plan Plan
Sponsorship of trees and other planting on reserves Policy
Stanley Park Management Plan Plan
Statement of Intent policy Policy
Stock Control Bylaw 2008 Bylaw
Stoddart Point and Coastal Cliff Management Plan Plan
Strategy for sister cities 2000 Strategy
Street lighting Policy
Strengthening communities strategy 2007 Strategy
Structures on roads policy Policy
Suburban plans Plan
Supply Chain Sustainability Policy Policy
Surface water strategy 2009 Strategy
Sustainability Policy Policy
Sustainable Energy Strategy 2008 Strategy
The Annual Plan 2014/15 Plan
The Groynes Concept Plan Plan
Trade Waste Bylaw 2015 Bylaw
Trading and Events in Public Places Policy 2010 Policy
Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2008 Bylaw
Traffic management and road level classifications Policy
Transport Strategic Plan 2012 Strategy
Tree planting in streets Policy
Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2014 Bylaw
Use of Council logos by elected members and individuals Policy
Vehicle entrances and footpaths Policy
Waste management and minimisation plan 2013 Strategy
Waste Management Bylaw 2009 Bylaw
Waste water strategy 2013 Strategy
Water supply pipes installed in private land policy Policy
Water supply strategy (drinking water) 2009 Strategy
Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater Bylaw 2014 Bylaw
Waterways and Wetlands Natural Asset Management Strategy Strategy
Winning Women Charter policy Policy
Youth Policy Policy