We want all customers to be able to enjoy the pools and have a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s very important that caregivers take extra care when accompanying a child to the pool.

Kids playing in poolTips for parents and caregivers

Here are some tips to help keep the pools open:

  • Allow food to settle before swimming.
  • Make sure your child has been to the toilet before they enter the pool.
  • Remind your child that it’s okay to leave a swimming lesson to go to the toilet—just let their tutor know.
  • Check swimming nappies regularly.
  • Do not let your child swim if they have had diarrhoea in the last two weeks.

When water does not meet the required quality standard the pool must be cleared of swimmers to be treated and cleaned. Cleaning times vary depending on the pool:

  Lane pool    Leisure pool Spa pool      Toddler pool Teach /
Learn pool
Sport pool    Hydro-
therapy pool
Pioneer 7 hrs
30 mins
7 hrs
55 mins
1 hr   5 hrs    
Graham Condon 8 hrs
45 mins
  1 hr
35 mins
1 hr
25 mins
4 hrs 
25 mins
Jellie Park   7 hrs
30 mins
1 hr
20 mins
1 hr
20 mins
3 hrs
20 mins
12 hrs
20 mins
Taiora QEII 9 hrs
2 hrs
30 mins
40 mins 1 hr 3 hrs   3 hrs
Te Hāpua: Halswell 12 hrs
20 mins
    1 hr      
Norman Kirk Memorial Summer Pool 15 hrs     6 hrs      
Waltham 12 hrs
40 mins
    1 hr
30 mins

All Council pools comply with the New Zealand Pool Water Quality Standard NZS 5826:2010.

The purpose of this standard is to protect public health by ensuring a minimum standard is met at all times in regards to water quality.

The standard sets out the margins in which water is safe for public swimming and the required frequency of pool testing. The Council adheres to these standards at all times.

On occasions when these standards aren’t met through water testing, a temporary pool closure takes place until the water quality is returned to within range of the standard.

The reasons for not meeting the standard can vary, in general, it is caused by a human faecal or vomit incident or on occasion a plant maintenance issue.

Pioneer, Graham Condon, Jellie Park, Waltham Pool and Te Hāpua: Halswell Pool are also Pool Safe accredited(external link) an accreditation run by the New Zealand Recreation Association.

Templeton, Norman Kirk Memorial Pool, and all Council paddling pools are Quality Pools(external link). These accreditations are run by the New Zealand Recreation Association.

In order to be pool safe, these pools must go through a full audit every year. This audit encompasses the whole pool operation, including but not limited to water testing records, health and safety procedures and staff training.

Past pool closures

Pool closures due to water quality issues are recorded and updated monthly.