Our Swimsmart membership offers flexible payment options, quality instructors and unlimited access to our pools outside of lesson times to help your child be confident and safe in and around the water.

Become a Swimsmart member

You can sign up for a Swimsmart membership by visiting any Recreation and Sport Centre – Jellie Park(external link)Graham Condon(external link), Pioneer, (external link)Taiora: QEII (external link)or Te Pou Toetoe: Linwood Pool or by calling 03 941 8999. (external link)

A Swimsmart membership offers multiple benefits:

  • Up to 48 weeks of lessons per year including public and school holidays
  • Unlimited access to our indoor and summer pools
  • Flexible or fixed-term options
  • The ability to freeze your membership for up to eight weeks per 12-month period
Membership type Description Fee
Parent-child Child under 3 years old. Includes a weekly lesson and unlimited pool access for one caregiver to accompany the child.


Preschooler Child 3 to 5 years old. Includes a weekly lesson and unlimited pool access for one caregiver to accompany the child.


Child Child 5 to 16 years old. Includes a weekly lesson and unlimited pool access for the child.



  • Memberships are assigned per child; each child in your family needs to have their own membership
  • Swimsmart school holiday programmes are not included in the membership but can be purchased in addition to your membership
  • Before joining Swimsmart a five to 10-minute swim assessment will be completed to ensure your child begins swimming at the correct level
  • A swim assessment is not required for pre-schoolers
  • Grading will occur on an ongoing basis so your child progresses through levels as soon as they are ready
  • Community service, KiwiAble and Hapai cardholders are entitled to a 25% discount on all Swimsmart memberships on presentation of a valid community services card

Individual or shared lessons may be booked on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Swim Education Team Leader.  Flexi or Fixed-term memberships are available, with the following prices applicable:

  • Individual lesson: $26.00 per week (15-minute sessions)
  • Shared lesson: $17.50 per week (15-minute sessions)

For enquiries call 03 377 7690 or email swimsmart@ccc.govt.nz.

Flexi members

You can freeze your Flexi Swimsmart membership for a minimum period of two weeks and a maximum period of four weeks per freeze, not exceeding eight weeks in total over a 12-month period, by completing a membership freeze form(external link).

Flexi memberships can be cancelled after 3 months of active membership. You will need to complete a membership withdrawal form available from at any Recreation and Sport Centre.

Fixed-term members

Fixed-term members paying in bulk will not be able to freeze, with the exception of medical reasons if a medical certificate is supplied. Fixed-term memberships can only be cancelled if you are moving outside of the greater Christchurch area (proof required).

Full Swimsmart membership terms and conditions(external link).