Swimsmart adult lessons

Classes tailored to adults new to swimming or wishing to improve their technique.

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adult swimmerA great benefit to your Pool or Gym & Pool membership at Christchurch Recreation and Sport Centres is that adult swimming classes are included at no extra charge. 

If you currently have a Gym membership only and would like to upgrade to a Pool or Gym & Pool membership to access the pools and swimming classes, please talk to a staff member next time you are in one of our Recreation and Sport Centres.

Casual adult swimming lessons are available for $14 per lesson, paid for at the time of booking. 


A 25-minute lesson for the true beginner wanting to gain confidence in the water and learn effective kicking techniques and arm strokes.


A 25-minute lesson for people wanting to learn basic freestyle breathing techniques, backstroke, breaststroke and increase swimming distance.

Stroke correction

A 25-minute lesson for intermediate swimmers to refine their stroke and increase swimming distance.

To find out more about these classes, contact us on swimsmart@ccc.govt.nz 


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