Olliviers Reserve – Odour Treatment Construction


Our contractor will be installing a new odour treatment unit


Olliviers Reserve – Intersection of Tuam Street and Olliviers Road


Work is planned to start during November 2019 until late December 2019.


The odour treatment unit will treat the foul odour generated by the local sewer system.


The contractor is Sion Pierce, phone 03 423 1718 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Advise us if you have specific property access requirements e.g medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries, planned works.

  • Majority of the works are within the Reserve however new services must be installed across Olliviers Road.
  • This means a road closure will be in place for 1 (one) week in December.
  • Road closure will be a small section outside property no 118 Olliviers Road No entry or exit from this end of Olliviers Road will be permitted during this 1 (one) week.
  • No driveways will be blocked and access to your properties will be maintained for the entire duration.
  • Some road parking will be lost due to access requirements for construction machinery.
  • Some sections of footpath will be closed for periods during the works.
  • There will be some construction noise typical with the nature of work, but this will be kept to a minimum as much as possible and only during working hours.