Three waters advanced asset network map

This map provides detailed information, data and tooling for the Council water supply, wastewater and stormwater utility network assets.

Three waters network map colour scheme alignment

Three waters network assets are undergoing a change to the primary colour scheme for each type of network.  These will be seen in geospatial maps and tools and can be summarised as:

  • Wastewater network - changed to display consistently as red (was various reds/maroons)
  • Stormwater network - changed to display consistently as green (was various blues/pinks)
  • Water supply network - changed to display consistently as blue for potable (was various greens) and purplefor non-potable (unchanged)

Changes will be applied to:


We are changing to better align with conventions across New Zealand for how these network assets are displayed in a contextual setting. A few organisations that use these conventions include NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Council and Wellington City Council.

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