If you rebuild your home or carry out major renovations requiring a building consent (e.g. add a bedroom or a garage) your rating value will be revised. If your work did not require a building consent and you want the value revised, let us know.

You can call the Council on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169. There is a charge for this.

Note: this new valuation will reflect the market value on the date of the last city-wide revaluation (1 November 2016) and will not represent current market value.

Valuations of demolished or rebuilt homes

If your house is demolished, you will be charged rates on land value only until the house is rebuilt. It can take several weeks for the necessary inspections and file updates to be completed, so it is important you notify us of the demolition as soon as possible.

Any reduction in rates applies to the rating year beginning on 1 July after rating valuation data has been adjusted; we are not permitted to backdate it to the actual date of demolition.