Rates remissions may be available to properties owned and used by not-for-profit community or sports organisations that, in the Council's opinion, provide a significant public good by their use of the land.

COVID-19 rates update

On 2 April 2020 the Council agreed to a package of measures to help alleviate financial stress faced by many businesses and households in our city as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The package includes offering a rates payment extension of up to six months for eligible ratepayers who are experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic, and a three month rent holiday for some of the Council's commercial tenants.

You can read more on Newsline or find out more about eligibility and how to apply for a rates payment extension.

Unite Against Covid-19, visit covid19.govt.nz

A remission of rates on properties may be granted on the basis of:

  • Up to 100% remission of general rates and uniform annual general charge, and
  • Up to 50% remission of targeted rates for water supply, sewerage, and land drainage.
  • The remission does not apply to any excess water supply targeted rate or targeted water supply fire connection rate.

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