Classes tailored to adults new to swimming or wishing to improve their technique.

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 update for Swimsmart

Swimsmart lessons are running during Level 2 but with limited times and programming. This allows the instructor to be outside of the pool, which is safer for our staff and customers (physical distancing). 

At Taiora QEII, Graham Condon and Pioneer, only Tigersharks, Barracudas, Marlins and Squads are running. At Jellie Park, only Barracudas, Marlins and Squads are running.

Lessons will begin on 25 May and will run for six weeks until the end of term two. We’ll review this offer for term three.

adult swimmer

A great benefit to your pool or multi membership at Council Rec & Sport Centres is that adult swimming classes are included at no extra charge. 

If you currently have a fitness membership only and would like to upgrade to a pools or multi membership to access the pools and swimming classes, please talk to a staff member next time you are in one of our Rec & Sport Centres.

Casual adult Swimsmart lessons are still available for $13.30 per lesson, paid for at the time of booking. 


Adult classes

  • Beginners: 25min lesson for the true beginner, with an emphasis on gaining confidence in the water
  • Breathers: 25min lesson focusing on freestyle breathing technique and gaining distance
  • Stroke correction: 25min lesson to improve stroke technique and increase distance



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