The New Zealand Gardens are an important feature of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and a special place to visit.

COVID-19 update: The Botanic Gardens is closed

The Government is asking for everyone to stay at home. Their advice is that you can go for a walk or exercise outdoors for a short time, but to stick to simple walks or exercise spots close to home. 

We’ve closed all of our Council facilities until further notice, to support the Government’s fight against COVID-19. This includes the Botanic Gardens.

The following are also closed:

  • Public toilets.
  • Playgrounds, play equipment or exercise equipment in parks.
  • Car parks within parks.
  • Visitor and information centres.
  • The Spencer Park animal area and fenced dog parks.
  • All Council-owned sports facilities

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New Zealand native plants

New Zealand Gardens

The New Zealand Garden was established at its present location between 1910 and 1927 by Botanic Gardens Curator James Young. Over several decades these gardens evolved into a fine collection of New Zealand species, interwoven and overlaid with new extensions. The gardens provide a wonderful opportunity for getting lost under a canopy of mature trees such as kahikatea and beech. 

New Zealand Icon Garden

A short looped trail featuring some of New Zealand's most iconic and loved native plants.

The small grove allows you to catch a glimpse of wild New Zealand and see mature trees and plants including the legendary silver fern. 

Cockayne Memorial Garden.

In 1938, the New Zealand Garden was extended to allow space for alpine plants, hebe and leptospermum beds.

This new addition was created as a memorial to Dr Leonard Cockayne (1855 - 1934) in honour of his comprehensive contribution to New Zealand's botany, horticulture, ecology and conservation.

In the 1960s this garden was completely redesigned and replanted to be what you see today.