An opportunity to learn and share stories and connect with neighbours, community organisations and businesses in the area. The walks aim to celebrate the history of one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city as well as the stories of the people who have lived in Philipstown to create and amplify a sense of joy, meaning and belonging.

The walks and the conversation they stimulate will be documented by the Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust to gain a better understanding of the community through neighbourhood information, mapping and story-telling - to collect people's insights and narratives about the Phillipstown area, which may be used for future projects.

These events are perfect for the young, the old, those who have lived here for years, and our newest neighbours as well.

The two walks have different themes:

  • 16 October: Phillipstown - living and learning, playing and praying.
    Stories of people living in the area over time, focusing on the residential stories - including Charleston, the Edmonds' legacy, Te Wai Pounamu College and the three churches (St Peters, Leyden Street and Church of the Good Shepherd), also Lancaster Park, Phillipstown School and KidsFirst Kindergarten (one of the first in Christchurch).
  • 23 October, Phillipstown - the changing face of the workplace.
    Focuses on the industrial and business areas - including Pumphouse, Ernest Adams, Tuck (the first cloud kitchen space in Christchurch), Essex Street - including Quality Bakers, the former Essex Bakery and the former Essex Maternity Home.

We will hold the walk during drizzle - but don't want us to be miserable. We will review the weather at 9am on the morning and will contact participants via email and/or text if the walks are postponed.

Photo: Eastside Neighbourhood Walks: Phillipstown.